Lash Extensions

Blink beautifully… Semi-permanent lash extensions are one or more extension eyelashes usually slightly thicker and longer than your natural lash. They are applied to one natural eyelash to create a more defined noticeable look yet still keeping them on the more natural side.

The Japanese eyelash extension treatment is defined by weightless, long-lasting and non-damaging designs that are naturally beautiful. Just as vital is the relaxing, quiet and completely comfortable application. Lash extensions do not damage your own lashes if the appropriate aftercare is followed. The whole treatment feels luxury and relaxing.

Why Japanese Eyelash Extensions?

Our Japanese treatment takes the traditional treatment to a whole new level

A single hand crafted eyelash extension is applied with our unique sculpting application which wraps the extension around the natural lash for a 90% contact. This can result in extensions lasting so much longer than they would with the industry standard of applying to the top or the side of the natural lash.

The Japanese Classic treatment only uses Premium eyelash extensions designed to work specifically our wrapping technique. They feature tapered cuts a feather soft flexible feel, a curl that lasts for months and ultra subtle shine for stunning eyelashes that look and feel completely weightless.


Our eyelash treatments focus on preserving the health of the natural eyelash along and can be worn continuously without break. From our water based pretreatment through to our ultra flexible adhesive, our product collection is vegan friendly and kind to the natural lashes. Qualified providers learn to master all aspects of delivering a flawless Japanese treatment which never cuts corners and creates bespoke designs for every client.

Japanese Classic Lashes Extensions

From £58

Japanese Superb Classic Lashes Extensions

From £68

Japanese Hybrid Lashes Extensions


Japanese Feathering Lashes Extensions

From £98

Classic Lash Extensions


Hybrid Lashes Extensions


Russian Volume Lashes Extensions


Mega Volume Lashes Extensions


Lash Infills

Lash Rebalance is perfect for those lash addicts that like to keep their lashes looking fuller than ever. Infill must be done 2-3 weeks after the lash extension treatment. More than 3 weeks will suggest remove completely and have a new set.

Classic Lash Infill

from £30

Hybrid Lash Infill

from £35

Russian Volume Lash Infill

from £45

Japanese Classic / Superb Lash Rebalance

from £50

Japanese Hybrid Lash Infill

from £70

Japanese Volume Lash Rebalance

from £60

Lash Removals

The safe removal of  all lash extensions from your natural lashes without damage.

 Lash Extensions Removal Only

£15 (only £10 if you’re also having a new set)

 Lash Extensions Removal (for other salon’s work)