Hands Nails

We don’t just do nails – we look after them too. 

Lina Liu Mani & Pedi services include the full process, from exfoliation to cutting, shaping and buffing nails to tidying and oiling the cuticles and applying gel polish. Full range of BIAB also a hight light in our salon. Contain Vitamin and protect your own nails to grow longer and healthy.

Lina Liu Nail Extension treatments can use standard acrylic or gel with plastic tips, or pre-made acrylic or gel tips to enhance the length of your natural nails. We can also do sculpture extensions, which use form to create extensions without any tips. Except acrylic extensions, all other methods produce no solvent odour and are as hard wearing as acrylic extensions.

What Are The Benefits Of Biab Nails?

It’s great for weak and damaged nails. BIAB nails strengthen your natural nails and encourage growth. …

It can repair and reshape existing nails. …

It’s a great nude shade. …

It can act as a protective barrier to gel manicures. …

It’s vegan and cruelty-free.

Happy Gel Hands 光疗手甲胶


Toes – Happy Gel Toes


Acrylic/ Hard Gel Extensions

from £33

Ombre Acrylic Extensions

from £38

BIAB Short Natural Nail Overlay


BIAB Nail Extensions


BIAB Full Tip Extensions


Sculpted Acrylic/Hard Gel Extensions


Luxury Soak Queen Manicure


Luxury Soak Queen Pedicure


Infill – Acrylic / Hard Gel Extensions


Infill – BIAB Nails Extensions



Proper removal of nail extensions or gel polish is essential for protecting the health of your nails. Our removal service includes taking off all nail extension or gel polish materials, a quick nail and cuticle grooming, reshaping your nails and finally applying cuticle oil and nail strengthener or top coat.

Gel /Extensions Taking Off

£10 (only £5 if you’re also having a new set)

Nail Add-ons

+ Standard French


+ Nail Art / Design

1 Nails: £1+

Nail Repair

1 Nail: £4

Toe Nails Extensions / Overlay

£5 each big toe

£15 full set